pastificio Brindisi

The Production facility

Pastificio Al Mattarello in San Vito Dei Normanni in the province of Brindisi is synonymous with handcrafted quality production of fresh and dry pasta. After many years of experience in the kitchen, the commitment and passion of the Ligorio-De Carlo family led to the establishment of a production facility in 1979. The project was motivated by their desire to offer clients extremely high profile pasta.

The ingredients for Al Mattarello’s recipe for success are skilful management of human resources and materials, leading-edge technology that is constantly checked and verified, carefully selected blends of semolina, and a touch of authentic artisanship, which gives the final product a unique and wholesome flavour.

Our fresh pasta is made with semolina from 100% local and national durum wheat which is subject to rigorous quality controls during the production process.
The implementation and auditing of standards of excellence has been rewarded with recognition from important organisations, which confirm and certify the genuine Italian quality of our pasta.

Al Mattarello’s fresh and dry pastas are available wholesale for shops, as well as retail for restaurants and clients. Our range of 200 different speciality pastas is created for people who are not willing to give up the pleasure and flavour of a culinary institution that has become the symbol of “Made In Italy” in all its beauty. Follow us on Facebook Submit your request here

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