The Ligorio Family

famiglia Ligorio Brindisi
Pastificio Al Mattarello was founded in June 1979 in San Vito Dei Normanni in the province of Brindisi, Italy. Pietro Ligorio and his wife, Giovanna De Carlo, with their passion for pasta and their culinary experience, decided to open a high quality pasta manufacturing facility, faithful to Mediterranean culinary tradition. In the years that followed, the business flourished, and Pietro and Giovanna’s children, Vito and Luciano, have since joined their team. The careful selection of raw materials is the secret behind top quality pasta, the pride of Italian cooking, appreciated around the world. The goal of Pastificio Al Mattarello is to guarantee a natural product of the highest quality possible, following the tradition of Italian cooking.

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The Ligorio family’s pasta production facility produces more than 200 specialities, with a daily production capacity of approximately 9 tonnes. Traditional homemade dough, leading edge technology and artisan skill come together to create top quality pasta with a unique, genuine flavour.

Periodic quality controls are carried out on the raw materials and finished products, in order to ensure compliance with current food hygiene regulations. The factory produces pasta for the , and for shops and clients who distribute and consume gourmet products.

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  • Pasta Ligorio - Al Mattarello Sede Legale e Punto Vendita
  • V. Salvo d'Acquisto, 50 72019 SAN VITO DEI NORMANNI (BR)
  • 0831 982034 0831984597
  • 0831984597
  • Orari 8:00 - 13:30 / 16:00 -19:30
  • Stabilimento di Produzione e Sede Operativa
  • Viale Germania, ZONA PIP San Vito dei Normanni
  • 0831984597
  • Orari 8:00-13:30 / 15:00-18:00

Production plant and Head Office