pasta fresca
Pastificio Al Mattarello produces high quality fresh and dry pasta, in a wide range of shapes. Carefully selected semolina and fresh, natural ingredients used for the fillings, are the key to the success of Pasta Ligoria, now a prestige local brand. Pastificio Al Mattarello has become the supplier of choice for many hotels and restaurants. Thanks to the wide range of 200 different pastas, which can satisfy all tastes and needs, the company has become a beacon of quality throughout the region.

Pastificio Al Mattarello offers its clients a wide range of traditional pastas from Salento and Apulia, from the popular orecchiette and cavatelli, to maccheroncini, strozzapreti, and many other specialities which add that special touch to your pasta dishes.

The Pastificio prides itself on the production of traditional bronze-drawn pasta, which has a rougher surface for improved retention of the pasta sauce.

Al Mattarello also produces special pastas to meet the various needs of its clients, from traditional egg pasta to more particular types of pasta. Using natural products and no preservatives, we produce Primitivo wine-flavoured tagliolini, mint-flavoured tagliolini, lemon-flavoured spaghetti, and many other speciality products which will surprise you with their unique flavours.
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